Discover the Future of Security with Our AI-Driven MXDR Service

Our MXDR service, powered by SCC’s Aegis platform and our security operations team, offers round-the-clock protection across your entire estate. Gain a complete understanding of your environment, people, processes, and risks with our rapid incident response so your team can concentrate on what truly matters.

Our entire SecOps team is equipped with our proprietary technology to deliver future-proof security solutions for your unique needs. This approach ensures faster resolution times, lower security costs, and smarter proactive prevention tactics.

Always-On Security
We protect your sensitive data 24/7/365, giving you peace of mind that you are secure.

Focus on what matters
Increase your team’s productivity by freeing up their time and resources to focus on core business activities.

Optimise ROI
Avoid security vendor sprawl with a streamlined, unified platform approach using best-of-breed technology to maximise ROI.

Enhance threat visibility
With advanced automation and real-time analysis, our service offers end-to-end visibility across your entire environment.

SCC’s Managed SOC Services includes our Aegis platform, which leverages advanced automation and AI to enrich, triage, and respond to potential threats, reducing false positives and allowing our analysts to accelerate investigations.
Aegis enables our expert team to focus efforts on higher-value critical thinking, custom mitigations, and strategic initiatives to strengthen your security posture.

Learn more about our AI-Powered MXDR:

Why SCC?

Partnerships: Our long-standing Alliances with the world’s leading technology vendors allow us to bring our customer best-in-class solutions.
Expertise: Our team of experts are up to date with the latest technologies and industry-recognised training to ensure our customers receive the best possible service.
Experience: We’ve been trusted by our customers to deliver transformational projects across a wide range of technologies for nearly 50 years. As a highly certified & aligned Microsoft Solutions Partner, SCC are also on the Early Adoption Programs for both Copilot for Microsoft365 and Copilot for Microsoft Security.

Our Accreditation:
How can we help?

Whether you’re new to considering if you need an MSSP, or looking to change providers, SCC are here to support you. Our Microsoft-funded Pathfinders are equipped to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your organisation’s cybersecurity posture. Our XDR Pathfinder allow you to trial the Microsoft Security stack in your environment, configured to your requirements by Microsoft-accredited SCC Consultants. This proof of value gives your organisation real-time cyber threat detection and response capabilities, enhancing your overall security posture. Gain valuable insights into your security status and take the necessary steps to protect your business with our expert guidance.  Get in touch with one of our team to find out more.

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