SCC and VMware cloud on AWS: Changing the game

It’s predicted that by the end of 2021, most organisations will begin to fast-track their move to cloud-centric digital infrastructure much faster than planned before the pandemic. This accelerated shift to digital delivery of products and services has increased the reliance on digital infrastructure to support traditional business applications. COVID-19 is the first global crisis since the emergence of public cloud IaaS as a core component of enterprise IT. The cloud’s benefits of flexibility and automation, allowing organisations to scale and adapt as necessary with minimal manual intervention, are invaluable in today’s environment. The ability to master a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environment will be a key factor to success or failure.

The Challenge

Migration to a cloud environment can range from basic rehosting to rearchitecting of applications. The effort required is determined by the level of consistency between the on-premises and cloud environments, along with the level of skills available within the migration team. Legacy inertia and the lack of access to skill sets or effective skill set transition frameworks will inhibit public cloud infrastructure adoption at enterprises. These fundamental difficulties in migration are a common impediment to successful hybrid cloud infrastructure. A lack of operational consistency between environments makes it difficult to monitor and automate processes. This could include monitoring tasks, such as monitoring resources on premises and in public cloud in a consistent manner, or scaling tasks, where organisations may wish to expand into public cloud in a seamless manner as needed using the same underlying provisioning mechanisms. High among the top barriers to hybrid cloud adoption is the limited skill to build a hybrid cloud environment and the lack of off-the-shelf products or services for the hybrid cloud. IT organisations cite concerns with availability of unified tools, especially in security monitoring and management across all providers.

The Solution

IT decision-makers responsible for infrastructure, operations, architecture, or applications development can easily and seamlessly migrate applications to the cloud with minimal disruption using VMware Cloud on AWS, which allows IT to leverage a consistent infrastructure platform for all applications, whether in the cloud or on premises. Organisations can use familiar VMware tools and processes that they were using for on-premises environments and migrate at their own pace, placing less burden on IT personnel and preserving existing infrastructure investments. They can avoid refactoring and successfully lift-and-shift existing applications with VMC on AWS to rapidly accelerate cloud migration. Once the applications have been migrated to VMware Cloud on AWS, they can easily modernise those applications, incrementally transforming them with modern frameworks such as Kubernetes to empower development, automate infrastructure operations using DevOps tools, and enrich the applications with more than 170 native AWS services.

The Benefits

Hybrid cloud is becoming the default IT environment, with workloads deployed across public cloud and on-premises infrastructure to offer better agility and flexibility. The benefits of hybrid cloud include:

  • Better support for a remote workforce
  • Reduced costs with a more cost-effective way to scale operations
  • Improved scalability and control
  • Increased agility and innovation
  • Improved business continuity and reduced potential downtime
  • Improved security and risk management

Why VMware Cloud on AWS

Migrating and modernising with VMware Cloud on AWS delivers significant business benefits. According to a Total Economic Impact study by Forrester Consulting, customers of VMware Cloud on AWS have been able to achieve:

  • Savings of more than $1,000 per virtual machine in migration costs
  • Savings of over $2.7 million by avoiding application rearchitecting
  • Reductions in data centre operating costs of more than $1.4 million
  • Reductions in infrastructure and operational costs of 59% by migrating to the cloud vs. same-capacity deployment on premises

Overall, the average enterprise studied by Forrester Consulting achieved net savings of more than $4.48 million over a three-year period and a return on investment of 108% by migrating and modernising with VMware Cloud on AWS.


SCC is a Public Sector Partner, Solution Provider, and Advanced Consulting Partner to AWS, helping customers to accelerate their journey to the cloud. The AWS Advanced Consulting Partner tier recognises Consulting Partners that have excelled in providing successful solutions on AWS. This includes providing extensive training to teams, having a 360 degree knowledge of AWS to manage projects effectively, and taking their clients to market with innovative, revenue-generating solutions. As an AWS Advanced partner, we are able to use our experience and knowledge to find new and better solutions for our customers and maximise our relationship with AWS. SCC UK CEO Mike Swain said: “This is a wonderful achievement and just reward for our UK and French businesses, who have worked remarkably hard to earn AWS Advanced Partner status in under 12 months. We are excited to continue developing our well-established partnership and technical expertise with AWS.” SCC EMEA CEO, James Rigby added: “I’m proud of our UK and French teams for achieving Advanced Partner status with AWS – it is a great example of our combined strengths and the talent we have right across our European business.”

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