SCC and TCL – Upgrading the Potential of the Public Sector

In an era of slashed budgets, the public sector is seeking to engage more productively with the communities they serve. In response, techsperts TCL have partnered with SCC to deliver several smart yet low-cost devices, making them must-haves for emergency service workers across the UK. Not only do these business devices allow for a faster response to the changing face of crime, they also deliver value in every sense of the word. Intelligent and affordable, with lightning-fast connectivity, TCL’s digital tools support your blue light workforce and reshape the future of public services.

TCL TAB 10 Tablet: A Cinematic Feel, On The Move

  • Vivid Display and Sound – 10.1″ FHD display with eye care mode to reduce visual fatigue and 2K class rich sound speakers.
  • Performance – Effortlessly multitask with an octa-core processor & 3GB of RAM, plus 32GB storage which is expandable up to 256GB.
  • Battery Life That Lasts All Day – With its intelligently optimised 5500mAh battery life, this tablet uses less power to run all day long.

TCL 306 Smartphone: Power Meets Brilliance

  • AI-Optimised Screen That Adapts To You – Using AI optimization, the expansive 6.52″HD+ screen intuitively adapts to whatever you’re watching or reading for superior clarity in real time.
  • High Performing 2-Day Battery – The 2-day battery was made to keep up with your daily task list, so you can focus on the things you do best.
  • Intelligent Charging Mode – The TCL 306 learns your sleeping pattern and will deliver the final 20% charge just in time for you to wake up, extending the overall lifespan of the battery up to 16%.


TCL 30SE Smartphone: Camera Magic, Large Storage

  • Capture Every Moment – Capture great detail in every shot with an AI optimized 50MP triple camera.
  • Extra-Large Storage – Store all of your important files on the 64GB storage, which is expandable up to 512GB.
  • Two-day battery – The two-day battery life keeps up with a growing workload, and with 15W fast charging you’ll be recharged in no time.


TCL 20 R 5G Smartphone: Next-Gen Speed

  • Low Cost – Coming in at less than £180 RRP, this is the 5G smartphone that will unify your entire team.
  • High Speed 5G – Download faster than ever thanks to its dual SA/NSA network, transforming 5G performance and delivering download speeds of up to 2.69GB/ps.
  • Adaptive Display – The 90Hz adaptive refresh rate offers a smooth visual experience without sacrificing battery, automatically adapting the refresh rate depending on your needs.


SCC Payment Solutions:

SCC understands the importance of getting the full value out of all technology investments and works with its customers to deliver solutions on a managed refresh basis. Both hardware and deployment services are available for a recurring monthly fee, agreed upfront, and a residual value applied to lower the total cost.

• SCC Supply Chain Services ‘Gold’ option includes:

• Asset tagging

• SIM card installation

• Power on testing

• MDM device enrolment

• Automated download of business/user applications

• Screen protection

• External phone case with installation

• MI reporting on serial, asset tag, SIM number, mobile number and IMEI

SCC’s Supply Chain Services are truly scalable and can be made bespoke to your specific needs if our Gold, Silver or Bronze packages don’t meet your exact needs.

The SCC DVaaS:

The SCC DVaaS service provides organisations with a cost effective, simple way to be equipped with the latest technology without capital expenditure. It’s an effective way to procure, maintain, and securely manage the lifecycle of mobile IT equipment, DVaaS enables you to shift the high cost of owning and refreshing technology from capital expenditure to an operating expense, with a simple repayment plan that includes all hardware, software, support, and services delivered as part of the solution

Ownership adds extra support costs and locks you into linear economy. DVaaS helps organisations move to a circular economy, where the devices are refurbished and resold, and IT estates refreshed on a more frequent basis. This gives assets a second life, helping businesses achieve their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aims.

Discover how much you can save, both financially and environmentally, with our DVaaS calculator.

Why SCC and TCL?

Making technology accessible is at the heart of our collaboration with TCL. With their wide portfolio of smartphones, tablets and much more, TCL offers SCC customers high-end performance at low-end prices. Together, we’re bringing UK businesses incredible value using the latest technology. If you need further support, our team will be more than happy to help you find the devices that suit your team best.


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