Microsoft Surface Education: The Future of Learning

Remote learning during the pandemic forced schools to make use of technology, giving them the power to maintain educational standards at home. Now, even after the pandemic, students, teachers and parents alike have completely changed the way they interact with education thanks to technological advances. Microsoft Surface for Education is here to support this adaption moving forward.

The Future is Digital

Classic pen to paper learning is a fundamental part of a child’s education, yet the opportunities technology brings are monumental. Microsoft Surface has hit the nail on the head with innovative ways to keep all students engaged, whilst improving the quality of teaching with next-level lessons.

Inspiring Engagement for Primary Students For those aged 5-11, Microsoft Surface products offer a way to keep students engaged all day long with programmes such as Minecraft Education and tools like the Microsoft Classroom Pen. Click HERE for more information.

Securing Success for Secondary Students Students 11-16 are on the journey of carving out their future, therefore a device which helps them do that more easily is paramount. Assignments and grades can be tracked easily from Microsoft Surface devices thanks to Windows SE. Click HERE for more information.

Supporting Independence for Higher Education Students Students in higher education typically adopt a more independent mode of study. Microsoft Surface products excellently support remote learning with high-quality cameras, speakers, 24/7 access to apps and documents, plus much more. Click HERE for more information.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop SE

Microsoft Surface Laptop SE is a complete game changer for education. Not only does it meet the tight budget of schools, but it accommodates every student’s needs. From the picture-perfect 720p HD camera to the digital microphone, stereo speakers and 11.6” display, learning from anywhere is a breeze. Amazingly, this is all possible from a sleek, slim-profile device, perfect for at home, on-the-go or in-class learning. But there’s more to the device than first meets the eye.

Surface Laptop SE Additional Features

Powerful Operating System

Microsoft 11 SE is built into the device. Included is Microsoft Teams for enhanced communication and collaboration, Microsoft 365 and Minecraft Education, providing unique learning experiences. This is made possible with the Intel Celeron Processor and modern eMMC storage supported by an extra-long battery life.

Unrivalled Accessibility

Educational institutes do not discriminate, so neither should their tech. Microsoft Surface Laptop SE supports diversity with apps and tools created for children with disabilities. So, they benefit from the same learning experience as their peers.

24/7 Access

Students can access important documents, apps, lesson material and more without relying on a successful internet connection. This ultimately minimises disruption to their education.

Top-Class Security

Thanks to built-in Windows 11 SE software, all devices feature always-on security and threat protection. Therefore, both students and their personal information is safeguarded no matter what.

School-Appropriate Accessories

The device has a range of student-teacher-friendly accessories including keyboard protectors and a handy charging cart.
Find out more about Microsoft Surface for education here.

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