Everything Now – Why adopting ServiceNow will be the best decision you ever make

Running a big rail network is a huge undertaking – and so it was for Virgin Trains. Just a few years ago the train operator was a byword for platform chaos, delays and last minute route changes, often all happening at once with little or no co-ordination. The IT and customer services teams had no visibility into processes and limited data on which to base decisions that would improve service delivery. Something had to change, so Virgin Trains turned to ServiceNow for a solution to coordinate all its business processes. By adopting ServiceNow, the operator could integrate applications and data from multiple sources, creating a single source of truth. Within a short time, the ServiceNow platform gave Virgin Trains the data and visibility into all the businesses processes that helped improve customer service and – just as importantly – staff experience. Once the company had introduced ServiceNow, Virgin Trains started tracking customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores internally. Net Promoter Scores (NPS) were initially in the mid-20s range, but soon averaged 70 and 80, a huge improvement in just a few weeks. Building on this, the company has transformed customer experience, providing digital entertainment, easy access to up-to-date schedule information, simplified booking and payment capabilities – improving the entire rail travel experience for customers and employees. By putting the ServiceNow platform at the heart of the enterprise, Virgin Trains transformed a legacy environment based on silos into an organisation delivering cutting-edge customer service. Click here to read how ServiceNow streamlined processes at Virgin Trains to provide an excellent IT service. Everything Now – delivering digital transformation For many organisations, ServiceNow is the platform that delivers key transformation. With its foundation in IT service management (ITSM) and its holistic routes that flow through all lines of business, ServiceNow enables deep visibility into all processes and infrastructure through a single system of record. It allows you to see all interactions between users and measures the service experience, enabling organisations to look at all departments as a service provider. This is made possible by its ability to provide all departments with an automated workflow process that tightly aligns IT and business strategy. Mobile Now People are at the heart of all organisations and most often the catalysts for transforming the way companies operate. The real digital transformation depends on how an organisation adapts to the digital world transforming the lives of its employees, at work and at home. As a result of the digital consumerisation of the workplace, ServiceNow recently launched its Mobile Now platform that gives users an intelligent app to get work done on the go. Mobile Now works with Android and Apple devices – and was inspired by conversations the company had with its younger users who expect mobile-optimised tools. The move by ServiceNow is a clear indication of the growing trend for mobile technologies in the workplace. The idea was to introduce “consumer-like” mobile experiences for corporate users. The Now Mobile platform is unique and sets a new benchmark for a mobile-friendly employee experience, moving beyond individual applications into cross-department mobile workflows. It’s the first enterprise mobile experience that harnesses the Now Platform to connect departments, while hiding complex nature of the back-end processes. Mobile Now is just another example of how ServiceNow is ahead of the curve when it comes to changing workplace productivity for the better. SCC and ServiceNow – Fit for Purpose SCC started its ServiceNow journey like many customers; we needed to update our IT Service Management. But unlike many ServiceNow customers, we created our own ServiceNow expertise and completed the implementation ourselves. Today SCC’s ServiceNow Practice provides those skills to all our customers and brings both knowledge of the ServiceNow platform and experience of how to use it. Organisations that have embraced ServiceNow understand its foundation in IT service management (ITSM) and its holistic routes that flow through HR, legal, marketing, and all lines of business. Like any change, it is not a single event but more a process or journey – and the key to the journey is the foundation in IT; prepare your organisation to build out across the business by establishing the strong processes of support, operate, and control. The platform is encouraging all of us to zoom out of our day to day operations, reassess everything with a fresh perspective and come back in to unlock serious value. SCC is here to guide you through that process, develop the roadmap and execute it step by step. Everything we do is geared towards building a ServiceNow platform which is fit for purpose. SCC are a Platinum sponsor at this year’s ServiceNow Now@Work Forum in London on 17th October at the Excel. The event is designed to highlight how ServiceNow is changing the way we work.

Please note: The event registration process requires you to register for a ServiceNow account before being able to register for the event. For more information on our ServiceNow services please click here.

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