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Whether connecting with colleagues, delivering important files, or attending a remote business meeting, businesses now use tech daily. So, they need next-level devices that support the demands of their business without draining their finances. SCC is proud to introduce our latest partnership with TCL, the tech giants delivering top-class smartphones, tablets, earbuds, and more. Together, we offer cutting-edge tech at incredible value, helping all businesses to do more from anywhere.

TCL 30 Series

TCL’s 30 Series claims to be the next generation of affordable smartphones, designed to complement all companies, industries and budgets. Each smartphone boasts features synonymous with TCL products, including vibrant, immersive displays, NXTVISION technology to protect the eyes, and incredible battery power.

TCL 30

Offering crystal-clear detail with a 6.7’’ FHD+ AMOLED display and a whopping 5010mAh battery offering next-level battery life, this model is a businessman’s most treasured companion. It’s even Android Enterprise Recommended, so users can be sure it delivers memory and security solutions fit for the world of business.


The 30SE offers a less impressive display, but certainly doesn’t compromise on business-focused features. Boasting a 3 Card slot, the device can support up to 512GB of extra memory on top of the standard 128GB. So, it’s never been easier to handle an ever-growing workload from a handheld device.

TCL 306

Dubbed the must-have business device, the TCL 306 delivers mighty performance with a G25 Octa-core processor and 3GB RAM. Offering three days of battery power, it also cuts the stress of unreliable devices. And with an impressive screen using AI optimisation, it presents the best display against other devices in this bracket.

TCL Tab 8 4G

Powered by Android 11, TCL’s Tab 8 4G delivers premium portability, weighing just 295g. Featuring an impressive portrait 8’’ HD display, the tablet has a 76% screen-to-body ratio, lending itself to enhanced multimedia experiences. Although eye protection is a must. Hence, TCL has included features such as “eye care mode” and “reading mode” to relieve visual fatigue during all-day use. But this top-tier tablet delivers much more than most businesses demand with front and rear cameras, enabling impressive video capabilities and facial recognition technology. Plus, Google Assistant is always on-hand for optimal task management. This is made possible with an all-day battery and enhanced power management.

TCL Tab 10 4G

The Tab 10 4G, also powered by Android 11, delivers a whole new cinematic experience. With a larger 10.1’’ HD display, the landscape tablet has a screen-to-body ratio of 81%, meaning users experience the captivating screen in all its glory. The Tab 10 ultimately offers many of the same features as its smaller competitor, including eye protection, front and rear cameras, facial recognition, Google Assistant, and all-day battery. However, with two incredible speakers and a handy mic, the Tab 10 4G creates an immersive sound experience, perfect for important business calls. It also features a much larger battery, enabling the futuristic capabilities of this incredible tablet. Click here to learn more about SCC’s partnership with TCL.

SCC Payment Solutions:

SCC understands the importance of getting the full value out of all technology investments and works with its customers to deliver solutions on a managed refresh basis. Both hardware and deployment services are available for a recurring monthly fee, agreed upfront, and a residual value applied to lower the total cost.

• SCC Supply Chain Services ‘Gold’ option includes:

• Asset tagging

• SIM card installation

• Power on testing

• MDM device enrolment

• Automated download of business/user applications

• Screen protection

• External phone case with installation

• MI reporting on serial, asset tag, SIM number, mobile number and IMEI

SCC’s Supply Chain Services are truly scalable and can be made bespoke to your specific needs if our Gold, Silver or Bronze packages don’t meet your exact needs.

The SCC DVaaS:

The SCC DVaaS service provides organisations with a cost effective, simple way to be equipped with the latest technology without capital expenditure. It’s an effective way to procure, maintain, and securely manage the lifecycle of mobile IT equipment, DVaaS enables you to shift the high cost of owning and refreshing technology from capital expenditure to an operating expense, with a simple repayment plan that includes all hardware, software, support, and services delivered as part of the solution

Ownership adds extra support costs and locks you into linear economy. DVaaS helps organisations move to a circular economy, where the devices are refurbished and resold, and IT estates refreshed on a more frequent basis. This gives assets a second life, helping businesses achieve their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aims.

Why SCC and TCL?

SCC and TCL have recently partnered to offer cutting-edge technology at affordable prices, making it accessible to businesses big and small. With a range of smartphones, tablets, and more, we’ve covered every box, ensuring our tech enables you to fulfil the needs of your business now, and in the future. So, you can grow with SCC and TCL by your side.


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