Audio solutions for the New University Experience

Campus life has changed beyond recognition for students, teachers, and faculty staff alike, but it has also provided an opportunity for education professionals to re-evaluate learning norms, providing a glimpse of what the future could hold for higher education in the post-pandemic world.

Adapting to new conditions has meant lecturers have had to find new ways of interacting with and supporting their students academically, relying on new tools and technologies to help them thrive at home. Students, on the other hand, have had to find new ways to communicate with their lecturers and collaborate with peers, all in an effort to achieve their academic goals.

The right tools for learning

For university students to focus in busy environments, they need high quality, flexible audio tools. EPOS headsets, delivered in partnership with SCC, provide plug and play convenience and all-day wearing comfort for university students and lecturers on the go. Certified for Microsoft Teams and optimized for major UC platforms, their lightweight, adjustable fit coupled with excellent sound quality ensures maximum productivity for independent and group work. With hybrid and virtual learning set to dominate university campuses worldwide, flexible audio solutions from the ADAPT and EXPAND Lines help students adapt to new learning environments and nurture new engaging teaching styles.

EPOS audio devices for higher education

EPOS headsets are designed to provide all day comfort and feature Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology to help reduce background noise and increase concentration, regardless of the location. Certified for Microsoft Teams and optimized for UC, they can easily connect to learning platforms and boast excellent, natural sound.

ADAPT Series: Learn and concentrate anywhere

For students attending class from home and other remote locations the ADAPT Series includes versatile headsets that provide excellent quality audio and are certified for Microsoft Teams. To jump straight into virtual classes, you can launch Microsoft Teams instantly from the dedicated button on your headset. The ADAPT Series offers great passive and ANC with thick, comfortable over-the-ear ear pads and ANC mode for instant focus. If you really need to find a quieter place to study the foldable design makes it easy to pack up and move on, while the 46-hour battery life means plenty of power to burn the midnight oil.

IMPACT Series: Your ideal hybrid learning companion

Getting used to hybrid learning and teaching when not in the same room can be tough. But with the right audio tools and online video applications you can unleash your true potential. The IMPACT Series keeps your energy levels high by enabling clear communication between you and your listener with EPOS Voice™ technology. The noise-cancelling microphone reduces any ambient sound and focuses on your voice to make sure your lesson is understood, or your question is heard. EPOS has newly tested and certified four headsets as Works With Chromebook, which means they meet Google’s compatibility standards and work seamlessly with your Chromebook. These headsets are: the IMPACT SC 230 and IMPACT 260 USB with single and double sided options, and the ADAPT 135 II & ADAPT 165 II, which are suitable for education.

EXPAND 30 Series: Lecture anywhere

For those lecturing remotely, the EXPAND 30 Series offers speakerphones that are wireless, portable, easy to use and with excellent sound quality – both for you in the room and for your students learning remotely via video conference. The variant EXPAND 30T is certified for Microsoft Teams offering a seamless user experience. The entire EXPAND 30 Series has highly advanced microphones and enables simultaneous speech during video conferences – essential for the exchange of information between student and teacher that facilitates the learning process.

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Why SCC and EPOS?

Technology has enabled this new of learning and working. SCC ensures that User Experience (UX) is at the centre of everything we deliver – and has partnered with EPOS to deliver market leading audio devices that are compatible with principal collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams. Together, we recognise the importance of replicating the classroom experience at home, requiring seamless audio and video delivered through high-quality audio hardware. We ensure our education customers help teachers and students remain, productive, connected, and collaborative from any device, anywhere, at any time.

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