SCC and EPOS: Audio solutions for the remote learning era

Just like the world of work, education has changed dramatically since the introduction of social distancing. Teachers and students have had to adapt to the new reality of distance learning and find new ways to connect, communicate and motivate.

The classroom has become virtual and new tools and resources are being utilised to ensure learning continues. The reality of remote and hybrid learning demands not only new and greater use of software solutions like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365, it also demands good audio on both sides of the computer.  

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The Challenge

  Students and teachers are seeing new tools being incorporated into the learning process. Remote learning has meant staying at home and introducing students of all ages to video collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams. This also means students getting used to large video meetings that can accommodate all participants – often in excess of thirty students and even more when it comes to virtual college lectures.  

The Solution 

  Technology is also running to keep up with the new reality of remote education. Online learning portals are being used more than ever to set tasks and track student progress. Students are learning, working and submitting their work in online programs such as Microsoft 365. This means establishing new rules of interaction that are appropriate for the virtual classroom. Premium audio brand EPOS has partnered with Microsoft to be able to offer audio devices that work seamlessly with the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform. This means that students, teachers and educational professionals can be sure of an excellent audio experience wherever they learn, teach and work.  

ADAPT Series


EXPAND 30 Series

Learn and concentrate anywhere For students attending classes from home and other remote locations, the ADAPT Series offers great passive and active noise cancellation (ANC) for instant focus. These versatile headsets are also certified for Microsoft Teams application; it even has its own dedicated MS Teams button, ensuring you’re ready to jump straight into your virtual classes.Your ideal hybrid learning companion The IMPACT Series keeps your energy levels high by enabling clear communication between you and your listener with EPOS Voice™ technology. The noise-cancelling microphone reduces any ambient sound and focuses on your voice to make sure your lesson is understood, or your question is heard.Leacture anywhere For teachers lecturing remotely, the EXPAND 30 Series offers speakerphones that are wireless, portable, easy to use and with excellent sound quality – both for you in the room and for your students learning remotely via video conference. The variant EXPAND 30T is certified for Microsoft Teams offering a seamless user experience.


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Why SCC and EPOS?


Technology has enabled this new way of learning and working. SCC ensures that User Experience (UX) is at the centre of everything we deliver – and has partnered with EPOS to deliver market leading audio devices that are compatible with principal collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams.


Together, we recognise the importance of replicating the classroom experience at home, requiring seamless audio and video delivered through high-quality audio hardware. We ensure our education customers help teachers and students remain, productive, connected, and collaborative from any device, anywhere, at any time.


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