10 reasons why you should migrate to VMware Cloud on AWS

Migrating workloads to the cloud can be complex and time-consuming. Organisations need to address varying Virtual Machine (VM) formats, disparate hardware, network connectivity, and application dependencies – all while keeping downtime to a minimum. They also need to be assured that the destination is capable of supporting the transformation of their applications over time to cloud native frameworks. Maintaining operational consistency while minimising learning curves and re-tooling can seem impossible. VMware Cloud™ on AWS can dramatically simplify workload migration. Below, we’ve compiled 10 compelling reasons why you should migrate to VMware Cloud on AWS with SCC.

1. You’re already behind the curve

Migrating to the cloud is happening now – and it should be no surprise that businesses are scrambling to migrate to the cloud. For most, primary drivers include optimising their business applications and reducing costs, which together can generate new opportunities. According to 451 research, 72% of organisations plan to have a majority of 2021 workloads deployed in the cloud. But for most businesses, especially those with complex IT setups, a cloud migration feels too out of reach. Nearly half already feel behind on their cloud journey, as their migrations stall due to unforeseen complexity. Similarly, the amount of time it takes to modernise and migrate applications rarely aligns with the urgency of business demand.

2. It’s simpler, quicker, and can save you money

A typical migration with VMware Cloud on AWS is 54% faster, requires 71% less staff time, and is 69% less costly. VMware Cloud on AWS has been effective for businesses and VMware’s new 2-node solution was made specifically to help organisations realise these benefits at a low price point.

3. You need a solution to complement your long-term IT strategy

No matter where you’re at on your cloud migration journey, VMware Cloud on AWS will position your organisation to adapt to the changing business landscape and support your broader, long-term IT strategies. Specifically, VMware Cloud on AWS allows you to:

  • Enjoy an average ROI of 108% with a payback of just three months as well as long-term migration efficiencies that result in 71% less staff time required
  • Rely on proven Site Recovery Manager and vSphere Replication technology, used today to protect over one million on-premises virtual machines
  • Simplify operations with automated orchestration and easy failover and failback on familiar, unified management tools enhanced with the latest HTML5 design
  • Migrate hundreds of virtual machines in days, live without downtime, with no infrastructure or application changes needed
  • Stand up an entire software-defined data centre in the cloud in under two hours and scale capacity within minutes
  • Free up time from lifecycle management to build business tools on a DevOps-ready platform with access to 175+ AWS services and 300+ partner-ready solutions

4. It’s familiar and lets you migrate without modification

By providing consistent infrastructure and operations, VMware Cloud on AWS allows organisations to migrate applications easily using familiar VMware technologies. VMware Cloud on AWS provides a single inventory view of both on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS resources using VMware vCenter Server technology. Organisations can also reduce operational overhead by leveraging existing skills, tools, processes and familiar VMware technologies to move their applications to the public cloud. You no longer have to worry about applications with significant customisation or complex dependencies on existing infrastructures, or the cost and effort associated with refactoring or rewriting applications. Using VMware Cloud on AWS is made even easier by the broad range of third-party technology solution providers validated to work with the service.

5. It’s fit for the enterprise

With VMware Cloud on AWS, enterprises are able to leverage predictable, high-performance compute, storage and networking – delivered by vSphere, vSAN and NSX – running on Amazon EC2 elastic, bare-metal infrastructure. In addition to a range of capabilities that ensure application uptime, prevent the lateral spread of threats and secure data, the service enables automatic scaling and load balancing of environments with Elastic DRS. Uptime is ensured throughout the application with built-in capabilities for VMware HCX®, vSphere High Availability, vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler™, auto host remediation and Stretched Clusters for zero-recovery point objective (RPO) infrastructure availability.

6. You want access to cloud native services

VMware Cloud on AWS provides high bandwidth, low latency access to a broad range of AWS services, including storage, database and analytics, serverless, compute, networking, security, IoT, machine learning and more. It allows you to extend the value of enterprise applications running in VMware Cloud on AWS by providing enterprises with a simple and consistent way to access native AWS services. By seamlessly integrating with these innovative native AWS services, customers can incrementally add new features to their applications and enhance the end use experience.

7. You want to feel supported

With a comprehensive support service, users can leverage a single point of contact for all their support issues. The service also updates automatically, allowing users to focus on applications while VMware and its partners take care of infrastructure patches and upgrades. Additionally, VMware Cloud on AWS provides a unified support experience with intelligent search, chat support, service request management, service health and community help.

8. Flexibility is important

Using VMware Cloud on AWS, organisations can align costs to their business needs with flexible consumption options and investment protection. They can consume on demand hourly or take advantage of one-year and three-year reserved models for deeper discounts. VMware Cloud on AWS also includes rapid provisioning, enabling users to spin up entire VMware SDDC environments in two hours and add or remove hosts in minutes, or let Elastic DRS do the job automatically based on optimal utilisation.

9. You need to get the best from your public cloud investment

SCC Hyperscale, SCC’s new cloud arm, combines our expertise with your business knowledge to ensure you get the best from your public cloud investment. Before we get our hands dirty, we get to know your organisation, your goals and your existing technology and work alongside you to develop a unique business case. This understanding and partnership-based approach enables us to design the ideal environment for your business, deliver a smoother, faster migration and provide ongoing support as your technology needs evolve. Put simply; we deliver the solutions and skills so you can focus on innovating, capturing new opportunities and driving your business forward.

10. We’re SCC; we know what we’re doing

SCC is a Public Sector Partner, Solution Provider, and Advanced Consulting Partner to AWS, helping customers to accelerate their journey to the cloud. The AWS Advanced Consulting Partner tier recognises Consulting Partners that have excelled in providing successful solutions on AWS. This includes providing extensive training to teams, having a 360-degree knowledge of AWS to manage projects effectively, and taking their clients to market with innovative, revenue-generating solutions. As an AWS Advanced partner, we are able to use our experience and knowledge to find new and better solutions for our customers and maximise our relationship with AWS. Contact our highly experienced team via the form below, who will learn about your requirements and identify how we can support your business.

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