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NHS Fife working with SCC have delivered innovation by becoming the first board in Britain to offer the GP Print Mobility Solution.

James Mavor

Endpoint Manager, Digital and Information – NHS Fife

The Challenge

GPs practices in Scotland operate independently however work collaboratively with Health Boards on their digital infrastructure, including print systems. Challenges relating to printing were identified within Fife due to the agile nature of various multi-disciplinary teams working within practices. The movement between practices, rooms and areas meant printing being only available in specific rooms, which caused countless operational challenges.

James Mavor, Endpoint Manager, Digital and Information for NHS Fife said “The challenges we were facing that SCC helped us solve was GP print mobility. There is a big issue in the NHS with GPs not being able to print from room to room. SCC have understood this challenge and have been able to provide us with all our requirements, understanding the needs of the business for best value for money.”

Our Solution

NHS Fife sought a new print solution, the aim was a simple, a print-ready solution that would minimise set-up time, cut print errors, improve print security and allow workstation numbers, and therefore costs to be reduced. The objective was to deploy a solution that would allow any user connecting their laptop to a docking station to pick up their local printers automatically.

James said “NHS Fife were looking to provide the GPs with a mobile print solution, with as little user input as possible. Solutions had been looked at in the past, where there was a lot of user input required which is time consuming and can also lead to further IT calls.”

This fully vendor-agnostic solution would enable users to print to a ‘single queue’, with printing completed on the device in their room, to ensure confidentiality of sensitive patient data. SCC in partnership with Cirros worked together to develop a bespoke software solution utilising a SaaS-based print management platform.

James said on the partnership approach: “The engagement with SCC, Cirros and NHS Fife was all positive, we all worked together collaboratively and there was a lot of going back and forth between ourselves, SCC and Cirros to provide the solution that was tailored to meet the needs of NHS Fife. It was also tested within the General Practice setting and there was also a lot of positive feedback regarding the product once in test.”

“The benefit of the GP Print Solution to the patient is that if there are any technical issues or room issues on a day, a clinician can move from that room to another room, which will then stop them cancelling clinics and still allow the patient to be seen on that day.”

“We chose to work with SCC due to the long-standing relationship we have and their ability to deliver on time, every time.”

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