Windows 10 Sparks Off Potential for Upgrade Boom

Windows 10Microsoft has said that Windows 10 software is now running on more than 75 million computers, tablets and other devices worldwide – a little over one month after the new version of the operating system was released.

The meteoric start could trigger a wave of upgrades as users who are familiar and comfortable with touch-screens on their smartphones look to benefit from the same experience on their laptops, two-in-ones and tablets. While many customers will have already taken advantage of the free upgrade offer, which is open for the first year of the release, analysts are predicting a surge in upgrades thus autumn, triggered by Windows 10.

Vendors are bringing a whole wave of attractive new systems to market aimed at drawing more buyers into the upgrade market and there are numerous special offers aimed at encouraging interest and activity, so it may be a good time to consider an upgrade.

Windows 10 offers a smooth, vibrant and consistent user experience and makes the most of the tremendous variety of device forms available today. It provides a single, dynamic platform that senses the type of product in use and adapts accordingly, so it is very easy for users to switch between tablet and laptop modes on a two-in-one device, for example.

When in tablet mode, Windows 10 is optimised for touch interaction; in laptop mode, familiar keyboard functions are readily available. This means the user always gets the very best experience, whatever device they are using and wherever they are using it – in the office, on the move, or in meetings and presentations.

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