Windows 10 is Live!

Microsoft launched one of the boldest products in its history – Windows 10.

Why Windows 10?

Built to work –no matter the device

Windows 10 has been built on a single, converged platform, with a tailored experience for each device type. This means Windows 10 delivers one platform, one security model and one deployment and management approach.

Merging innovation with familiarity

With lots of similarities to Windows 7, including the Start menu, your customers will feel like experts right away. And with Windows 10, your apps and content adapt to display in all modes, on all devices and even as you transition from one to another, so you stay productive. The best device is now the one you are on!

Managed for continuous innovation

With Windows-as-a-Service, you receive a stream of continuous innovation so you are always up to date and secured, while deploying on a cadence that works for you. Windows 10 is looking forward to the next wave of device innovation, to provide the power that helps you work as a team like never before and open up new ways to create, learn, collaborate, and visualise.

Protection from modern security threats

The last few years have seen an unpredicted increase in the number and severity of enterprise security threats. Windows 10 goes beyond just building bigger walls and delivers entirely new ways to help protect identities, data and devices. Features like Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello can make it easier than ever to deploy and use biometrics and multi-factor authentication to strengthen your identities. Windows 10 also delivers new ways to protect critical business information from leaks or theft, while separating corporate and personal files on every device critical in BYOD scenarios. With significant new defenses like Device Guard and UEFI Secure Boot, you’ve now got robust protection from power-on to power-off.

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