Windows 10 Delivers One Experience On One Platform

Windows 10 is now launched and the new release presents a great opportunity to upgrades to one of the many superb touch-enabled PCs, notebooks, tablets and 2 in-1 devices now on the market.

Offering a smooth, vibrant and consistent user experience, Windows 10 makes the most of the tremendous variety of device forms available today. It provides a single, dynamic platform that senses the type of product in use and adapts accordingly, so it is very easy for users to switch between tablet and laptop modes on a two-in-one device, for example.

When in tablet mode, Windows 10 is optimised for touch interaction; in laptop mode, familiar keyboard functions are readily available. This means the user always gets the very best experience, whatever device they are using and wherever they are using it – in the office, on the move, or in meetings and presentations.

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