Wider Viewing Experience with the LG 29UB67-B 29″ 21:9 UltraWide™ FHD IPS Monitor


LG’s 29UB67 29-inch 21:9 UltraWide monitor offers  a wider viewing experience allowing you to use multiple programs without any overlapping of windows, while replacing a dual monitor environment With a 4-Screen Split feature that conveniently divides the monitor screen from 2 to 4 customizable sub screens.







Key Features

  • 21:9 UltraWide Full HD IPS (2560×1080)
  • Swivel & Height & Tilt & Pivot / VESA Compatible
  • Colour Calibration
  • 4-Screen Split (MAC Compatible)
  • Dual Linkup & Dual Controller
  • Reader Mode & Flicker Safe


  • Multi-Tasking – The 29UB67-B’s Dual Controller enables seamless control of two devices with a single keyboard and mouse under Dual Link-up mode.
  • Optimized working environment with an adjustable design – The 21:9 UltraWideTM 29UB67-B monitor allows users to work in a more comfortable environment by providing advanced ergonomic design and features.
  • Build a best fit workstation – The 29UB67-B help to provides comfortable viewing conditions with suitable spec-in qualifications based on TUV-GS and VESA standards.
  • Accurate colour Reproduction – Designed to improve viewing text or editing the images/videos on-screen for long periods of time. Hardware Calibration (True colour Finder) and sRGB over 99% provide accurate colour expression based on optimal level of brightness & contrast with the IPS display.
  • Better Viewing Experience – Reading on-screen text is also a large portion of everyday tasks, and Reader Mode is a useful feature that automatically modifies colours into softer tones so that viewing the screen is as comfortable as reading a book. Also, Flicker Safe minimizes the flicker level on the screen to nearly zero, which reduces eye fatigue and also enhances the working environment.


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