When Should an Organisation Benefit from an ACI Network?

ACI NetworkWhen implemented effectively, they key benefits ACI provides include:

  • Increased efficiency of staff;
  • Cost savings across a range of business areas;
  • Simplified management;
  • Faster performance.

Software provider Symantec saw huge success when implementing ACI within their business. In the first 5 years they saw a 441% ROI, with the business seeing around $145m in business benefits.

Symantec said that the main aims of adopting ACI was to achieve:

  • Automation and visibility;
  • Improved performance and scale;
  • Enhanced security;
  • Openness.

Notably, Symantec also noticed that their application development life cycle was reduced by 87% and network operation staff saw their efficiency rise by 79%. They also noted a reduction in datacentre CAPEX and OPEX.

In terms of cost saving, Symantec saved $10.08m from the cost of their IT infrastructure, as well as $25.27M from risk mitigation and business productivity.

ACI is great for companies looking to bring IT resources back in-house and make cost savings across the estate. Those with datacentres can expect to see more efficient and effective operations, while delivering improved security. ACI can also support improved networking agility and flexibility for adaptive, or growing companies.

SCC was one of the first partners in the UK to be certified with an ATP (Advanced Technology Partner) for ACI. To find out if ACI can benefit your organisation, contact our experts at [email protected]

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