Welcome to Data Fabric – the future of data management

NetApp have formally introduced their Data Fabric concept, and recently made a number of announcements around the proposition at their Insight 2015 conference in Las Vegas.

But what is Data Fabric? NetApp state that it is their vision for the future of data management, allowing businesses to manage their data seamlessly as it flows to wherever they need it most. It provides control, yet enough flexibility to enable innovation.

Data Fabric translates as having NetApp software and hardware function together as a single hybrid cloud storage resource that would cover both on-premises storage in NetApp arrays and in the public cloud. This would mean that customers could eventually have a single virtual data resource with both on- and off-premises components merged together.

NetApp assert that Data Fabric will enable you to address today’s data management challenges while preparing for a hybrid cloud future. The concept will enable businesses to deploy a data centre infrastructure that is cloud-ready, protect their data wherever it lives, and manage application performance across flash, disk, and cloud.

The Data Fabric concept provides organisations with three key benefits:

  • Choice – freedom to move data among the hybrid cloud resources that work best for your business.
  • Responsiveness – ability to meet changing business demands quickly and provide new opportunities to innovate.
  • Control – remain in charge of your data and control performance no matter where it is held.

For more information about Data Fabric, download NetApp’s related whitepapers now:

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You can also download an infographic here.

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