Web fraud protection with F5

As part of their Reference Architectures, F5 can offer their Web Fraud Protection solution to meet the challenges facing online banking.

Financial institutions have the most high-profile, high-value assets on the internet: millions of bank accounts. The global nature of the internet means that these assets attract ambitious attackers all around the world. Broadly known as fraud, these online criminal activities are a constant and persistent reality for the banking industry.

To effectively combat the perils of fraud, organisations that offer financial services over the internet must defend their businesses with a combination of security technologies. The F5 Web Fraud Protection solution provides both the breadth and depth of coverage financial services organisations need to gain a full defense against asset loss due to fraud.

Designed specifically to meet the challenges facing online banking, the Web Fraud Protection solution defends against a full range of threats – including man-in-the-browser attacks and man-in-the-phone attacks, as well as evolving threats – to help financial organisations reduce loss and exposure. Because attacks are always evolving, the solution includes both technological and services components to ensure real-time response to emerging threats.

F5 provides consulting services to support customers throughout the product lifecycle. Starting with expert support planning and architecting solutions, through implementation and optimization services, F5 is there to help our customers every step of the way.

For more information, please contact your SCC Account Manager or e-mail [email protected].

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