VMware boosts deployment in the British Army

As the primary defence force for the UK, the British Army needs a resilient IT infrastructure to help provide oversight of its defensive capabilities and the combat readiness of its forces. It needed peace of mind that the apps involved in the day to day running of the Army, such as munitions, resources, reserves, training programmes and resource planning would be up to date and could be deployed when needed. Replacing a legacy infrastructure that was no longer fit for purpose, the Army partnered with VMware to help it deliver on a cultural shift within the Army’s administrative services.

“Our previous system was no longer fit for purpose. It would take several weeks to develop and deploy an application into the testing environment. We needed a system that would speed this process up, so we could rapidly develop applications as well as being confident our administrative systems would keep running in the event of any issue”

Lt Col Dorian Seabrook, Head of Operations, IAS Branch, the British Army

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