Veritas SaaS Backup – A cloud-to-cloud backup solution with secure and automated data protection across SaaS-based workloads

Take charge of your data with a simple click

In the digital era, organisations are being driven to adopt modern technologies and IT Services such as SaaS for the flexibility and scale benefits, but this presents other challenges. When it comes to your business-critical data in the cloud, do you know what your organisation is responsible for protecting versus your cloud services provider? You are responsible for your data, users and compliance, while your cloud service provider is only responsible for keeping the SaaS application up and running. With multiple responsible parties, there is a greater chance that you will experience a gap in your SaaS data protection. And keeping all of your data stored in a single location, can put your business at risk if you are unable to locate it or restore it.

Veritas SaaS Backup™ helps bridge the gap by providing secure, end-to-end data protection across your entire Office 365, G Suite, or environment and beyond. Stay in control of your own cloud-based SaaS data protection across popular SaaS cloud-based services.  Gain better data insights for anytime, anywhere access, and instant restore capabilities with a single click.

Solution Highlights

• Protect and control cloud-based SaaS data across multiple workloads.
Veritas SaaS Backup enables you to protect and recover data from disasters with advanced recovery capabilities that improve RPO and RTO for your entire Office 365, G-Suite, or SalesForce suite. Take advantage of the benefits of SaaS to automatically back up your Office 365 solution multiple times a day to a secure cloud datacenter.

• Simple, easy, and hassle-free.
A simple integration process, linking your Microsoft Office 365, G-Suite, or SalesForce online account with Veritas SaaS Backup gets you up and running immediately with access anytime, anywhere, from any device. Get instant activation with nothing to install or deploy and no learning curve. Once the solution is activated, taking backups, performing restores, sharing and viewing files is very simple. This save time and money because you don’t need additional infrastructure or administration.

• Future proof scale out capabilities.
Future proof your SaaS workload data protection strategy to meet the needs of any size organization. Add and manage new accounts without requiring any costly upgrades on technology, infrastructure or administration.

• Get better insights into your data with a single click for granular search.
Identify and instantly recover the exact file, at the exact point in time it was backed up. Rest easy with multiple restore options available to you, including direct download, in-place restore, entire account restoration and account data migration.

• Gain peace of mind with our secure and reliable data protection solution.
Prevent risk of losing data with automated, data redundancy features that make and retain data copies in multiple locations. With 256-bit AES encryption, you can feel secure knowing that your data is protected both at-rest and in-flight.

• Share content.
Unlike any competitive offering, Veritas SaaS Backup enables you to share select files and folders with colleagues or external parties for added collaboration features and capabilities. Set limits on how long designated individuals can access or view authorized content with a feature that grants users permission to view and work from backed up data rather than impacting source content.

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