Veritas Launches Regional Vision Solution Days


Veritas Technologies, a worldwide leader in enterprise data protection and software-defined storage market, unveiled its 2018 Vision Solution Days, a series of more than 20 worldwide events designed to showcase data protection solutions to customers across the globe.

Scheduled from October through February 2019, the series kicks off in New York City on October 9th and brings together data protection experts, partners, technology leaders and customers to explore how organizations can manage their most important asset, their data.

Vision Solution Days replaces the company’s global Veritas Vision event this year to allow customers to easily access leading data protection experts closer to home.

Customers can also experience product demos, technical workshops and in some locations, receive localized training. Vision Solutions Days are designed to answer the tough data management questions plaguing businesses today, such as, how to manage growing data across an equally growing and diverse IT infrastructure and how to prove compliance in a world of GDPR and improve resiliency in a world of ransomware.

“With the exponential growth of data, organizations today need to make strategic choices around data protection, data collection, data storage and the location of data spread across on-premises, hybrid and complex, multi-cloud environments,” said Mike Palmer, executive vice president and chief product officer, Veritas. “Our customers also want to extract insights from data that are so rich, they are predictive in nature – all while cutting costs and risks.”

“Collecting, storing, analyzing and utilizing this data will inspire innovation and in turn, drive businesses into the competitive future, as data gives rise to a new economy,” Palmer  said. “The wealth of data and the insight it provides will help companies gain advantages in the market that they never thought possible.”

Helping customers discover and implement the right data protection and software-defined storage solutions is the ultimate goal of Veritas Vision Solution Days. These smaller, more personalized forums will enable one-on-one discussion to help customers uncover the possibilities and reap the benefits of a data management strategy.

To view the event schedule please click here.

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