Veritas Announces Global Strategic Partnership with Google

Almost every organisation is undergoing some form of digital transformation. Whether it is mobilising the workforce, creating rich, rewarding online customer experiences, enabling electronic supply chains, or providing real-time access to medical records or financial statements, the role of IT as a business enabler has never been more critical. Regardless of what form that digital transformation takes, chances are it will both depend on and result in more data. Data is created through every communication, transaction and interaction we participate in; it is required to prove value, make decisions and justify actions; and it’s a catalyst for growth, transition and in some cases, the risk which people and organisations deal with on an everyday basis.

It’s for these reasons, Veritas and Google are collaborating – to enable hybrid-cloud models and multi-cloud strategies that maximise the benefits of cloud infrastructure with greater levels of visibility and control over data. For customers, this is news well received because it means they don’t need to fork lift out the proven and trusted data management solutions in place, in order to take advantage of the Google Cloud Platform benefits.

With 360 Data Management for Google Cloud (see figure 1), organisations can accelerate their digital transformation and embrace Google’s innovative cloud services in a manner that allows them to embrace the new, without abandoning the hardened, or creating new silos.




Organisations are struggling with two competing forces as it pertains to their data: demand for uncompromising information protection and access, and the exponential increase in data growth and sprawl. As organisations fight these challenging trends the stakes are growing higher than ever. The expectation of today’s IT organisation is quintuple 9’s in performance and resiliency and at the same time absolute prevention of information crisis or theft.With these demands from customers and employees that operate in a digital-first world, organisations are realising that their current approach to data management is unsustainable for multiple reasons (see figure 2).

1. There is no reason to blindly sustain the costs of protecting data. Today, 41% of the average enterprise storage environment hasn’t been modified in 3 years, yet companies ignore deletion opportunities and the many available cheap and efficient cloud storage options.

2. Your reputation cannot sustain latent information risk forever. By 2017, 33% of the Fortune 100 will have experienced an information crisis, often due to complete lack of sight into the 52% of their environment that is dark – and by definition, unmanaged by policy.

3. Employee productivity cannot sustain typical hoarding behaviour. Employees are increasingly willing to hoard data unnecessarily and 73% of them retain content that is potentially damaging to their organisation.

4. The planet cannot sustain you. Continuing to fill the world’s data centres with worthless data means gigawatts of energy will go to waste.

With data continuing to proliferate at an astounding rate, enterprises are looking to the cloud for help addressing the costs, risks, and practices that prevent simple, secure, and sustainable data storage.



Veritas and Google support your organisation’s digital transformation by letting you use Google Cloud Storage as your backup destination, to archive data for eDiscovery and compliance, and
to perform disaster recovery to or from the Google Cloud Platform. This collaboration delivers new management and governance capabilities that lower costs, mitigate risks, and reduce the impact on the environment from storing digital data.

  • Reduce the impact on the environment from storing data through “green” practices that eliminate waste by policy and by choosing a conscientious cloud platform
  • Lower storage costs and modernise data protection with automated, policy-based data storage in the cloud
  • Ensure compliance with business or regulatory requirements for preserving data and enable rapid eDiscovery
  • Provide visibility and control across your hybrid-cloud environment
  • Meet Service Level Objectives with a seamless, reliable cloud infrastructure


As organisations accelerate their digital transformation they unquestionably accelerate their data creation. Data growth of 39% year over year has fueled massive growth in global data centres expansion, whose storage capacity is expected to reach 1.8 zettabytes in 2020.6 These data centres demand the energy equivalent of 30 nuclear power plants, so as organisations evaluate their influence on an increasingly fragile environmental situation their exponential data growth threatens to make a significant impact. For the average organisation, a simple 2% acceleration past the current year over year data growth rate could mean storing an extra Exabyte over the next 10 years – or an additional $5.3 billion in storage spend for the typical large enterprise.

If you’re like most enterprises, you probably view cloud storage as offering relief to this problem. But blindly moving massive amounts of data up to the cloud can actually drive up costs and increase risks – especially if you’re one of the many enterprises that need to carefully consider and navigate an evolving regulatory landscape. Wherever that data lands it will also consume some of the approximately 13% of the globe’s total electricity that the world’s datacentres will grow to require by 20308. That electricity comes in varying degrees of renewability from primarily coal powered to almost entirely carbon neutral.

The decision to move data to the cloud is not just about lowering costs and minimising risks, it’s also about the environment. Companies should not only save energy by reducing their data, they should also conscientiously choose a cloud provider. The combination of Veritas with Google Cloud Platform establishes global data visibility, so that you’re empowered to identify target data for deletion, or for colder, less energy-intensive storage tiers – saving money. And for the data you need to migrate to the cloud, Google provides one of the greenest, most renewable-energy powered cloud infrastructures available (see figure 3).



Many enterprises today use Veritas NetBackup to protect on-premises workloads in physical or virtual environments. As organisations shift workloads to Google Cloud, they now have a unique opportunity to extend their trusted data protection solution to ensure cloudbased workloads gain the same level of data protection. This is good news, because the alternative is either to create yet another data protection silo, or as is too often the case, fall victim to thinking that data protection is unnecessary in the cloud.

The beautiful thing about having a single data protection platform is the efficiencies gained across the entire environment. Organisations can confidently adopt a public cloud environment as a backup destination for existing on-premises workloads, expanding their infrastructure with new options while ensuring the reliability, performance, and availability demanded by a comprehensive enterprise data protection strategy. With Veritas you can lower costs and improve manageability by seamlessly moving backup data to Google Cloud Storage Nearline and Coldline using integrated connectors in NetBackup and Backup Exec (see figure 4). Veritas-Google-partnership-2

  • Maintain data visibility across your entire environment, regardless of location
  • Orchestrate when and how you move data to the cloud with automated storage lifecycle policies and integrated connectors
  • Deploy workloads based on business priorities without compromising data protection
  • Choose the most cost-optimised class of storage to meet the recovery needs of your business
  • Ensure complete data security with data encrypted in transit and at rest


Both public and private organisations face growing obligations to comply with numerous regulations like the U.S Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and regional laws or industry-specific data retention mandates. Inevitably, a routine request for information, an audit, a human resources action, or a legal
activity will require you to find and retrieve archived information—usually right away.

As a policy-based journal archive, Veritas Enterprise provides an essential layer of functionality to meet the data retention compliance obligations of regulated organisations and defensibly follow legal procedures. Veritas solutions such as Enterprise and eDiscovery Platform will also drastically increase the speed, accuracy and efficiency of eDiscovery, leveraging index, search, filtering and advanced analytics capabilities to collect targeted information from all Google G-Suite email users for as long as the data is held.

  • Capture all data with a journal archive, so you know nothing is missing
  • Automatically retain essential historic information such as departed employees’ archives
  • Accelerate and lower the cost of eDiscovery
  • Ensure you’ve followed defensible procedures for a secure evidentiary chain of custody
  • Eliminate unnecessary data by policy, reducing waste



For media and news organisations information is quite literally the lifeblood of their business. Veritas NetBackup not only enabled the IT team to leverage Google Cloud Storage as a target for their backups, they were able to choose Google Nearline as the appropriate storage tier given the data’s archival nature. The ability to focus their protection strategy based on the nature of the data meant significantly reduced ongoing storage costs and confidence that their data is recoverable at the speed of their business.


Veritas is trusted today to provide data management to organisations of all sizes, including 86 percent of global Fortune 500 companies. Google is a leading infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider. In combination, organisations can leverage their existing data centre technologies to integrate Google Cloud Platform resources as an extension of their IT strategy and accelerate the realisation of their digital transformation initiatives.

Organisations today need to manage their data as a critical asset, with solutions that reliably protect the right data, ensure resiliency and on-demand access from anywhere, and reduce the risks and costs of storing their ever-increasing amounts of data throughout the globe. The ‘always on’ nature of digital business also demands the removal of the artificial barriers between these frequently siloed capabilities, to reduce complexity, streamline operations, and benefit from synergies that otherwise are not achievable.

By providing unique integration and support to deliver global data visibility, unified data protection, optimised data portability, predictable business resiliency, and high performance applications, Veritas enables you to accelerate your own digital transformation – while leveraging your existing investments, and establish a reliable foundation for the future.
We invite you to explore the new possibilities presented by 360 Data Management for Google Cloud and join us on the journey.
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