Toshiba announces the development of the world’s fastest quantum key distribution device

Toshiba announced it has developed the world’s fastest quantum key distribution (QKD) device, specifically 13.7 Mbps, an increase of seven times the previous record in this type of information transmission technology, held by the company since 2016 with 1.9 Mbps. This development has been carried out in collaboration with the Toshiba Research Europe laboratory in Cambridge (United Kingdom).

Quantum cryptography enables the secure encryption and transfer of all types of information, including biometric and genomic data. Broadly speaking, quantum key distribution consists of the generation of a single code key only shared by the sender and recipient of the information, which, if intercepted by a third party, becomes automatically illegible.

According to analysts, quantum cryptography will generate a large volume of business in the coming years due to the constant growth of security needs in the transmission of data online. In fact, according to Global Industry Analysts, this market will exceed 1.7 billion euros in 2024.

Toshiba began its quantum cryptography research in 2003 and seven years later became the first company to achieve a transfer rate of more than 1 Mbps. Since then, it has carried out continuous research and development to increase the speed of quantum communication, and initiate its commercialisation in sectors such as finance, health or social infrastructure.

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