The Unique Benefits of the HP Elite X3


In this video HP’s Business Development Manager Dan Barham explains how the underlying hardware specification of the HP Elite X3 enables unique benefits for business. At its core, the HP Elite X3 is a hugely powerful Windows 10 Mobile device, with a blazingly fast Snapdragon 820 quad-core processor, PC-like 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC SSD on-board storage. The huge 4,150mAh battery is one of the largest on any phablet on the market, providing all-day intensive usage. It has fingerprint and iris recognition biometric security built in, as well as 128-key Microsoft Bitlocker encryption. There are dual SIM slots available, too, for business and personal service contracts, or one slot can be used to expand storage by up to 2TB via MicroSD card.

But it’s the way that this immensely potent device sits at the centre of a three-in-one device ecosystem that is truly unique. It functions perfectly as a modern smartphone, offering all the mobile telephony and data services a business user would require. But presentations can also be sent wirelessly to a compatible screen or projector via Miracast. During a lengthy journey, the Elite X3 can be partnered wirelessly or via a cable to the Lap Dock, which provides notebook-sized screen and keyboard. Once in the office, the Desk Dock allows the Elite X3 to act as the hub of a conventional desktop screen, keyboard and mouse combination. Either of these docking solutions allows you to use Microsoft Continuum to load and run desktop applications. The HP Elite X3 truly is one device for every occasion.

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