The SCC and IBM Engagement Centre – Software Solutions Virtual Rooms

The new online SCC and IBM Engagement Centre platform designed to be a “one stop shop” where you can discover how SCC can help to easily navigate through the comprehensive range of innovative solutions that SCC are able to offer built upon IBM technologies.


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Virtual rooms

We have mapped out the SCC and IBM Engagement Centre with you in mind.  All the information can be easily found within the platform making this a simple way to find everything you need to know about the IBM and SCC solutions.


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Click HERE to visit the Data Fabric solutions room, Data Fabric is a data management architecture that can optimize access to distributed data and intelligently curate and orchestrate it for self-service delivery to data consumers. Understand how your business users and data scientists can access trusted data faster for their applications, analytics, AI and machine learning models and business process automation, helping to improve decision making and drive digital transformation.



Click HERE to visit the Orchestration and Automation solutions room, simply put, Automation is about helping people and businesses get work done.  Using IBM technologies, SCC can provide capabilities to help you quickly and intelligently automate IT and business workflows that run centrally, in networks or all the way to the edge


Click HERE to visit the ITSM solutions room, learn more about IBM’s complete end to end offerings in this space and how the recent infusion of Watson AI not only brings all these together, but also enables ITSM automation with confidence.


Click HERE to visit the Security solutions room, the threat landscape is volatile, dynamic and evolves at a significant pace. The importance of Cyber security increases exponentially as organisations adopt digital transformation strategies, presenting cybercriminals with numerous new openings to exploit valuable data.


Take a look around the SCC IBM Engagement Centre to find out more!


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For more information, please contact Steve Mecklenburgh at [email protected]



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