The New Age of Cyber Protection

CybercurityGain peace of mind and protect your business from unauthorised access and attacks with this FREE service

When an organisation suffers a cyberattack, 60% of their data is stolen within the first few hours. 54% of such breaches go undiscovered for months, leaving cyber criminals a huge opening.

New trends such as mobility and cloud are changing the way we need to secure devices, data and networks. Are you doing all that you can to protect your organisation from advanced threats and attacks? Do you need help finding the right security solutions to meet your needs? Cisco can support with their new ‘Threat Scan Proof of Value’ (PoV) program.

What does the Cisco Threat Scan PoV program offer?

  • By setting up a Cisco Next Generation ASA to run a security network monitor (no need to change anything in the network) the Cisco appliance automatically monitors the whole network.
  • After 2 weeks, Cisco will extract a report that shows what the Cisco ASA has detected and the potential threat it would have blocked in 3 areas:
  1. Network;
  2. Malware;
  3. Attack
  • Once complete, either choose to purchase and enable the functionality of the ASA or return the appliance at no risk or obligation. The trial will cost nothing in terms of time or money. Cisco will install the unit for the trial and provide you with the relevant support if you decide to purchase or remove it if you don’t.

Cisco provides the industry’s most comprehensive advanced threat protection portfolios, including network security (NGFW/NGIPS), advanced malware protection, email, web and cloud security, VPN, secure access, and policy control.

Want to know more about the ASA Next Generation firewalls? Watch these short videos:

Introducing Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services:

Defend Against Today’s Attacks: ASA 5506 Overview

Contact the Cisco specialist team on [email protected] and they’ll help you arrange a Threat Scan PoV for free.

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