The Internet of Things and Hitachi Content Platform

The Internet of Things is something that Hitachi knows about; the wider Hitachi group which makes many things which connect to the internet. Like high speed trains which monitor themselves and their rails to provide preventative maintenance data which directly drives the service levels attained by their operators. Like heavy plant machinery that continuously transmits component status data to ensure safety and reliability for their users. Like every storage system which is proactively remote monitored by HDS using a system called HiTrack so faults are fixed before they impact users.

This puts HDS in a unique position to create IT solutions that can leverage the information they carry, based on direct in-house experience. One of the foundations for dealing with this mountain of unstructured data is object based storage. The Hitachi Content Platform (or HCP) is reported by Gartner as the highest rated commercially available object store for the archive use case – and it does so much more.

As a self-healing, highly scalable, indexable and searchable information store, the HCP can tackle business challenges around data governance and compliance, long term retention, cloud provision and big data. With complementary software or appliances, it can also tackle mobility challenges like BYOD, file sync and share and remote office branch office requirements.

Object storage, with its custom metadata functionality, can add context to files. A great example would be using face recognition software to tag CCTV footage with names of interested parties who appear in the footage. This enables index and search of video files. Tagging is the enabler for using unstructured data within your Big Data initiatives.

In the world of structured data, we also have converged solutions which bring performance and efficiency to applications like SAP HANA, Oracle database and Microsoft SQL.

So now you have a taste of what Hitachi Data Systems can offer you. But it’s not just around hardware and software. HDS also have a range of service offerings on complementary vendors like VMware, Brocade, Symantec, Oracle, Cisco and many more.

The challenge for most businesses is how to transform to meet the challenges of massive growth and flat budgets. HDS have the ability and the experience to help you transition your business from existing capex funded, silo’d environments, to a world where you consume IT and charge back usage to the business. The nature of that infrastructure is going to be far more flexible, agile and continuous than your existing environment.


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