The Critical Path to an Agile Data Centre

Across the globe, IT leaders agree on the increasing importance of IT agility as they strive to achieve their organisations’ data centre ojectives over the next two years.

This is particularly relevant in light of recent research which reveals that 70% of IT leaders who responded are planning or embarking on data centre transformations within the next 12 months, but that only 11% in the EMEA region believe their data centre is highly agile. Of the rest, 42% said their data centre was ‘agile enough to meet our needs,’ 32% believed it was ‘somewhat agile’ and 15% categorised it as ‘not very agile.’

Meanwhile, the top 3 barriers for organisations in relation to transforming their data centres are the costs of improving infrastructure (42%), legacy technologies (41%) and complex systems (32%).

When asked what is critical to enabling their IT agility, 45% of respondents replied that it was the ability to pool and provision resources across data centres, regardless of the OS, storage or interconnects in use. Secure recovery for critical business services and associated data was also vital for 44%, while 43% of those surveyed agreed that automated application-centric security across the entire physical and virtual environment were also crucial. Unfortunately, less than half of IT leaders say their current data centre solutions give them access to these top capabilities which they associated with IT agility.

Luckily, Symantec has the tehcnologies that can help you transform your infrastructure to an agile data centre. For more information, simply contact your SCC account manager or click here.

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