The compliance clock is ticking. Start preparing for the EU GDPR now.

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) raises the bar on privacy of personal data. It requires organizations, big and small, who trade with the EU to really understand all the personal data they deal with in order to properly secure it.

This includes its purpose and its location — no matter where it lives or how it is shared. Furthermore, there is now less than 24 months to comply with the new GDPR which formally comes into effect in Spring 2018.

Clearswift has undertaken significant research over recent months and their team has produced a number of informative resources, including an on-demand webinar  hosted by Forrester Analyst, Enza Iannopollo, and Clearswift’s SVP Products, Dr Guy Bunker, which provides information on the components of the regulation and key actions for a compliance strategy. It also illustrates how a comprehensive data protection solution can drive compliance, without costly disruptions to data flow and business operations. An adaptive approach enables an unprecedented level of real-time data visibility, intelligent policy enforcement and security.

In addition, read their GDPR Overview and Technology Strategy Whitepaper and a compilation of questions raised at the webinars with our answers in the Preparing for the EU GDPR FAQ.

Before a compliance program can begin, organisations need to better understand the new regulation and how it will impact their current environment and working practices.

Visit the Clearswift website to learn more.

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