The Best Gadget to Take Your Office Anywhere in 2016

HP Tablet

Maybe your big 2016 change is to travel more and work less? But why can’t we have the best of both worlds? We all realize the importance of being connected around the clock and with the release of the new HP Spectre x2, there’s finally a gadget on the market that offers brilliant design, without limitation.

Size matters

Whoever said that size doesn’t matter has never tried to attempt a work trip with just carry-on luggage. When you’re trying to get through airports at a stellar pace, every kilo counts. The Spectre x2 is HP’s thinnest detachable laptop and features a tablet first design that doesn’t compromise on productivity.

The HP Spectre x2 is super light, weighing in at 0.83kg, with a killer 0.39kg keyboard for a quality laptop experience when you need it. The Spectre x2 keyboard has been described as the most robust in the 2-in1 PC world, featuring a wider than average touchpad. We like to think of Spectre x2 as beautiful in design, but a beast under the hood.

Hitting every angle

The Spectre x2 features a unique U-shaped kickstand with a friction hinge to allow customers to choose the perfect angle for their usage pleasure. No desk? No worries. This sturdy stand works pretty darn well for video conferencing from a cramped airport chair or checking emails at the beach. (Shhhhh… we won’t tell anyone!)

Ready to wind down? The kickstand lets you recline the full HD display down to 150 degrees for drawing, taking notes or watching a movie. Had a hard day abroad? Kick off your shoes and vegge out with a movie — you deserve it. The Spectre x2 also comes with a nifty Wacom Active Pen for an experience as natural as pen to paper. Budding artists, take note.

More speed, more power

The HP Spectre x2 is a premium 2-in-1 Windows 10 experience that provides full PC Power on an HD tablet and high performance keyboard. Flight delayed en route to a presentation or meeting? The lightning fast SSD (up to 512GB) will have you powered up and with apps opened in no time, running business applications at speeds previously seen only on desktops.

Looking for Stamina? The Spectre x2 won’t disappoint. It has up to 10 hours of battery life a pop — not too shabby at all! Perfect for those moments when you’re on the go, or forgot to pack your travel adapter.

The hills are alive…

The Spectre x2 features audio by Bang & Olufsen for a listening experience in a league of its own. There are dual speakers on the keyboard and the tablet that automatically sync when the two are connected. Perfect for blasting some pre-game bangers in your hotel room or for busting a move.

Life’s better in 3D

Love a good travel selfie or pic? We’re constantly trying to master the ultimate Instagram travel photo, and the HP Spectre x2 has all the cameras to make sure this magic happens. For a full tablet experience, there’s a 5-mega pixel, front-facing camera (see: selfie cam) and an 8-mega pixel rear-facing camera for shooting photos or videos.

The cherry on top? The HP Spectre x2 also throws in an Intel® RealSence™ Camera R200 to capture and enable 3D experiences. Yep, that’s right, you can now scan and share all your favourite things in 3D. All of them. See an amazing souvenir you can’t take with you? Scan that baby and share the moment online with your loved ones!

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