The 10 Golden Rules for Getting Mobile Right

NewsByte-1Whether you work in local or central government, public sector or private industry, there’s a huge shared temptation: to think you’ve “solved” mobile when, in reality, you’ve only taken the first steps.


Maybe you’ve settled on certain handsets, or invested in one piece of management technology, or decided to limit what your staff can do – as we hope to explain in this guide, there’s so much more to getting mobile right than this.

Let’s just take a snapshot of the world today. For a start, technology is now a part of everyday life. It’s embedded in our routine, from the moment we roll out of bed to the time we check our phone, just one last time, at night. New products are released every week, and your employees are buying them.

At the same time, the world is shrinking. Technology allows us to work in a way never before seen in the history of mankind: people can work globally, locally. We used to talk about Concorde taking you from London to New York in four hours, but now you can travel across the world in milliseconds.

Of course, that’s your digital self rather than your virtual self, but even this distinction is starting to blur. Perhaps we’re not quite at the point where it’s as easy to do business with someone over a fibre broadband connection as it is in person, but every month that passes sees another innovation. Our watches our getting smarter; our phones more powerful; the speed of connection becoming ever faster

The question is, are you ready to take advantage?

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