Tech Trends That Will Change the Way We Work this Year

Business-TechAs we all know there are many trends impacting the workplace….. from:

  1. Workforce
    1. 45% of the workforce will be Millennials by 2020
    2. 52% of Millennials say Design is important when choosing a PC
  2. Workplace
    1. 92% of Forbes global 2000 companies report data breaches in the past year
    2. 1.7 successful attacks per company per week in 2014 – up 21% from 2013
  3. Work styles
    1. 62% of WW end-users work from more than one location
    2. 91% agree that technology should make meetings and collaboration run smoother


HP Inc. & SCC can help


As much as companies now understand the need to create innovative and meaningful new ways to interact with clients, the same is true for the workforce. Employers who want to attract and retain top talent have to offer the same quality user experience to their workforce before the competition does. What follows are some key trends that organisations need to consider and prepare for as the workforce of the future is at their doorsteps today.


  1. The Ability To Work From Anywhere, Anytime And On Any Device
  2. Video Content Management
  3. Smart Machines And Automation
  4. Mobile Computing And End-User Computing (EUC) Initiatives Merging
  5. Mobile Cloud Computing
  6. Wearable Devices Will Become the Next BYO Endpoint
  7. The Digital Enterprise
  8. Build Individual Work Style Preferences Into Your Mobile Strategy
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