Take Control of Your IT Spend

it_photo_115687In an age of rapidly developing technology, successful organisations are forced to understand the importance of their IT infrastructure and adapt it accordingly.

The logistics involved in any transformational IT project can be staggering, but just as time-consuming are the everyday procurement and maintenance of existing assets. Managing the plethora of suppliers, invoices and purchase orders can be a daunting task that can have a serious impact on the productivity of IT management.

To support companies in this endeavour, SCC Capital has created Flex Start contracts. Flex Start is an effective way of covering the budgeted spend on hardware, software and service by streamlining the procurement process and allowing organisations to consolidate all of their IT expenditure into one, flexible finance contract.

SCC Capital simplifies the procurement process by dealing with all suppliers involved and combining any and all invoices and purchase orders received during the implementation period. As an added benefit, Flex Start gives you the capacity to track and apportion IT spend within individual cost centres, making it easier to maintain control of your IT expenditure.

Flex Start is completely adaptable to your needs, whether that be for a single project, over a period of time, or even for a specific type of assets. Talk to an SCC Capital expert today to see how Flex Start can make your life easier.

SCC Capital customers have benefited from reduced internal administration and cost savings on non-core activity.

To find out more, view the Flex Start datasheet here.

To speak to one of SCC Capital’s finance experts, contact us today by emailing [email protected]

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