Tablet Sales Stabilise as Two-in-Ones Rise

Sales of tablets seem to have stabilised in Europe after their initial roller-coaster phase. According to analyst IDC, total tablet shipments were 7.5 million units in Q2 2015; this was down 1.2% year-on-year but one of the smallest declines since the beginning of 2014. IDC said the drop in tablet shipments stabilized at 4.4% while two-in-one devices saw 71% growth.

The firm noted that, as well as corporate deployments, more individual professionals, consumers and students were now buying hybrid devices as vendors brought forward new and improved models.

IDC now expects the two-in-one segment to grow 86.5% year over year in 2015 with 14.7 million units being shipped. Although this volume is far below that of the more affordable slate tablet segment, IDC believes these devices appeal to an audience seeking an alternative to pure tablets with smaller screens. By 2019 the firm expects two-in-ones to make up more than 20% of all tablet device shipments.

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