Systems Consolidation for Dummies

Need to virtualize, but not sure where to start? Virtualization should make things simpler, not more complex.

To learn more about how Oracle’s server virtualization solutions can help you eliminate complexity, reduce costs, and respond rapidly to changing needs, download Server Virtualization for Dummies, an Oracle Special Edition eBook.

This eBook guides you through a range of server virtualization topics, including:

  • Why virtualization is critical to transforming today’s IT to tomorrow’s cloud computing environment
  • How different types of virtualization are suited to different business needs
  • How application-driven virtualization dramatically accelerates application deployment

Oracle Virtualization delivers the most complete and integrated solution for building agile, flexible IT infrastructures, beyond just server virtualization consolidation.

Learn how Oracle Virtualization’s unique application driven approach and integrated management offering helps to accelerate enterprise application deployment and simplify management of your data center from disk to apps.

Download your exclusive copy of Server Virtualization for Dummies, Oracle Special Edition today.

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