Survey Reveals Barriers and Frustrations in the IT Department

IT-FrustrationWhile firms are under pressure to keep pace with the digital world, 32% of IT decision makers have said they spend more time reacting to problems in the workplace than proactively developing and delivering an IT strategy. This is according to a Voice of IT survey commissioned by worldwide computing accessories company Kensington.

Nearly a third of respondents to the online poll said they felt like the ‘firefighter’ in the organisation, and that they are not allowed enough time to improve employee productivity and well-being through the use of technology. On average, IT professionals spend 44% of their day on troubleshooting and administrative tasks and just 5% is committed to providing IT training to employees.

When asked about their frustrations when managing IT solutions for the organisation, 44% said they were hampered by lack of time/resources, 40% by insufficient budget, 36% by IT being viewed as a cost, not an opportunity, and 28% of employees disregarding the ‘rules’.

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