Success that Scales: Delivering Security Intelligence for Organisations of all Sizes

SecurityCyberToday’s organisations are besieged by security threats. Like kids in a candy store, cyber criminals can’t wait to get their hands on confidential information.

Whether motivated by financial gain or just the opportunity to wreak havoc, attackers are also increasingly sophisticated in their methods. In fact, many security breaches go completely undetected for months. A recent report found that 63% of organisations learn they are breached from an external source, and 38% of targets were attacked again once the original incident was remediated.

Security information and event management (SIEM) tools provide a powerful way for organisations to detect the latest threats before they can cause damage.

With the centralised SIEM engine, IBM QRadar users can transparently search data across distributed environments. Correlation can be performed both locally and globally, helping small organisations implement sophisticated analytics and large organisations stay a step ahead of the latest threats.

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