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All flash no limits is finally a reality:

The announcement includes 25% lower-cost flash capacity, a new class of massively scalable HP 3PAR and flash-optimized data services for ITaaS consolidation and hybrid IT projects.

  • With the ultra-dense and scalable HP 3PAR StoreServ 20000, we’ve dropped the price of all-flash to $1.50 per usable GB. If you have other all-flash vendors claiming $/GB that are less than this, be sure to ask them how they’re getting there. I’m hearing that some all-flash startups are including replicas in their calculation which isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison as it can’t account for the actual number of replicas you have in your environment. If we add in the savings from replicas, we drive down the $/GB to 25 cents!
  • As you saw in the ChalkTalk, the all-flash HP 3PAR StoreServ 20850 can deliver over 3.2 million IOPs at sub-millisecond latency and over 75GB/second. On top of that, it can scale to 15PB of useable capacity. Worth mentioning again (with details in the ChalkTalk) is the huge power, cooling and space savings compared to EMC VMAX, XtremIO and Pure Storage.
  • We’re introducing a new 3.84TB SSD drive, the industry’s largest capacity drive in a Tier-1 all-flash array. With our ASIC-enabled data compaction increasing usable capacity by 75%, it brings down the cost of all-flash storage to $1.50/GB usable. That really is flash for the masses!

Some other software enhancements include:

  • 3PAR Persistent Checksum. This ensures end-to-end data integrity from the application server through to the storage array for any workload and is completely transparent to the servers and applications. This is implemented in the new 3PAR Gen5 Thin Express ASIC. Did you see the blog post from J Maestre where he took on the value of the ASIC? Here’s another feature you can add to the list that has no impact on array performance.
  • Asynchronous Streaming. This allows for remote replication where latency, distance and recovery are optimized. We’ll dive more into this over the coming weeks.
  • Bi-directional Peer Motion. We’ve talked about Federation and Peer Motion in the past. Now we’re extending HP 3PAR Peer Motion to include non-disruptive, bi-directional data movement for up to four arrays. This is an entirely native capability without SAN virtualization appliance in the data path. With 3PAR storage federation, you can aggregate up to 60PB of useable capacity with over 10 million IOPs and 300 GB/second. And with a single click, workloads can move between federation members to dynamically rebalance storage resources for cost and performance optimization. We’ll have more on this in future blog posts as well.
  • HP 3PAR Online Import. This now supports simple migration from HDS TagmaStore Network Storage Controller, US, and VSP systems. So we ae adding to the support we already had for EMC VMAX, VNX and Clariion CX4 as well as HP EVAs.

Join the conversation Last thing – on Tuesday morning at 10 AM PDT, you can be a part of the conversation with CrowdChat. There will be a blogger coffee talk from HP Discover with our new Senior VP and GM of HP Storage Manish Goel. Storage blogger and consultant Enrico Signoretti will be hosting the CrowdChat. Use this URL to join the conversation.

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