Smarter Digital Futures Predicted

SmarterFutureSamsung Electronics UK has published the first part of its Smarter Futures report, which is based on research conducted by PwC earlier this year.

Key predictions in the report include a migration away from the traditional office to ‘creative villages’ that will be more productive and less stressful and lead to staff being more productive, healthier and happier. It also envisages the use interactive smart surfaces on walls and tables will become screens at the touch of a hand, or the sound of our voice, and widespread use of gesture control.

One change that many will welcome is the advance of smart information filters that will prevent you getting information that’s not relevant to you. Systems will know what messages are critical for the task you’re working on right now, and which ones can be safely delivered later.

The report also predicts the use of big data to create teams with complementary skills. Smart systems, rather than managers, will build teams and design ways to get them together, changing the way we use the workplace.

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