Simple is Better for Big Data

Big Data 2Have you noticed how we enjoy our favorite gadgets and devices with no concern for their technology? Because the designers have done their job so well, the underlying technology almost disappears, freeing us to focus exclusively on our task at hand. Imagine the opposite situation — each time we use our smart phones or fill our washing machines, we must engage with the minutiae of telephony or the intricacies of the water utility. Although this sounds preposterous, many organizations find themselves in this predicament whenever they attempt meaningful interaction with their enterprise data.

We use machines to automate tasks so we can achieve more with fewer resources. We judge the success of machines or systems by how well they automate those tasks; highly successful systems free us to concentrate on our objectives – they are simple to learn, simple to use and simple to own. Less successful systems are unable to mask complexity in the job at hand; they distract their operators from what they are trying to achieve while drawing them in to how the system itself operates. These systems are complicated to learn, complicated to use and complicated to own.

Bringing big data under management and making these assets available for analyses are complex, daunting challenges. Hundreds of organizations have escaped the frustrations of their first-generation data warehouses by replacing older database technologies with IBM PureData™ System for Analytics, powered by Netezza® technology. The systems that were replaced forced their users to deal with too much complexity; their warehouses demanded constant administration from highly trained specialists. This complexity is doubly corrosive: the costs of administration spiral upwards and out of control as data volumes grow, while the business, distanced from its data, must seek technical expertise to manage its interaction with its information. Disenchantment can lead business units to abandon the warehouse in pursuit of their own business intelligence initiatives: creating data silos, duplicating technology stacks, and introducing unwelcome risk to data governance and security.

To read more and to find out how IBM’s PureData system can make Analytics and Big Data more useful to your organisation, IBM’s whitepaper is available below:

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