Should We Not Mention SAM?

In our article in July we discussed SCC’s stance of what Software Asset Management or SAM is.  It isn’t a compliance report, but a set of processes and governance that can dramatically improve the management and efficiency of your software through its lifecycle.

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Now, it may seem strange that a company with a defined SAM practice would seek to consider removing the word SAM from some of its literature; and indeed the author heading up the SAM practice would be proponent of this….but there is some logic in the ‘madness’!

Is SAM a dirty word?

Customers we speak to about SAM have often tried launching a SAM programme in one guise or another and through a number of issues, these have failed.  The ITAM Review spoke about this in a survey some years ago as well as other research from Gartner and IDC which often determined the lack of progress of a SAM Programme being corporate / executive sponsorship from a CxO.

But whatever the reasons for the failure, the perception is that SAM historically has been too difficult and has a tag of failure attached to it.

Is SAM the right word to use?

As we have seen over recent years, software vendor’s strategy is to deliver services through software and infrastructure to end users through the adoption of cloud.

So the ‘asset’ in SAM really isn’t an asset in the sense that an asset would normally be deemed capital expenditure; cloud services usually tend to be operational expenditure.

At the recent Gartner IT Asset Management and Procurement event in September, this was raised as a conversation topic in that SAM is most likely to eventually be renamed to something more relevant to the service delivery required.

Until then, SAM will probably have to do!

So, should we not mention SAM?

At SCC, we are focussed on outcomes!  Delivering and driving optimisation for customers through the most effective and efficient method of consumption.  Currently this is contained within our SAM Services propositions, so in many ways – YES, we should!

But at its core, SAM means the management and control of all of the infrastructure and processes necessary for the effective management, control and protection of the software assets…throughout all stages of their lifecycle.

How Can SCC Help?

As the procurement, deployment of software or indeed consumption of services with software changes, SCC have a defined methodology to assist customers in planning projects or strategy implementations.

Our base is founded in process and policy evaluation, collaborating across stakeholders within your business to ensure any key commercial and technological decisions can drive value back to your organisation.  Our alignment of commercial, technical and operational stakeholder management and communications planning allows all key areas of the business the awareness of the contractual terms and conditions and drive compliance with these.

Contact SCC today: [email protected] to ask about of SAM Strategic Assessment offerings that will assist in generating a roadmap to enhance and optimise your software investments across its lifecycle.

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