Secure Your Workforce and Customer Experience with Cisco

Cisco webinarJoin Cisco’s webinar to learn how to stop attackers finding gaps in your security.

Most businesses recognise that e-mail and web are two critical pillars in their operations. The amount of business-sensitive data exchanged via email and web traffic is continually increasing, making it a prime target for hackers.

Today’s threats are ever more personalised, targeted and sophisticated; they are designed to evade traditional security solutions.

To help you tackle this risk, Cisco are running a 30-minute webinar that you can join on either 20th or 26th January 2016 at 10am to learn:

  • How today’s Cyber Security threats have changed the Web Security Landscape;
  • What is required from a web security solution to protect your business from today’s threats;
  • How Cisco Security solutions can help.

In addition, you can also try Cisco Cloud Web Security for free. Cisco email, web and cloud web security products protect more than 20% of the world’s largest enterprises and 8 of the 10 largest internet service providers in the world. You can take advantage of a free 45-day trial of Cisco Cloud Web Security and find out first-hand how Cisco solutions can protect you from today’s cyber threats.


To find out more about Cisco solutions, contact your SCC account manager, call 0121 281 8618 or email [email protected].

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