Seagate Sets a Capacity Bar Higher for NAS with Gigantic 8TB Hard Drive

DataCloudSeagate has launched the highest-capacity drive yet release for use in NAS, RAID and server or desktop systems.

The NAS HDD 8TB supports sustainable transfer rates of up to a 216MB per second and has a large, 256MB cache. It supports NAS devices with up to eight drive bays, so it could be used to deliver 64TB of storage capacity in a single NAS box. Seagate’s NASWorks error correction technology is lso included, and the drive comes with a three-year warranty.

NAS solutions are rapidly becoming the storage medium of choice for users with limited IT resources and who need a quick and easy solution to manage higher volumes of data. The growth in capacity requirements shows no sign of abating. In its Digital Universe Study has forecast, IDC predicts there will be a ten-fold increase in the volume of data generated every year between 2013 and 2020, when the capacity needed will be 4.4 zettabytes.

Synology is one of several NAS manufactures that have already qualified the 8TB drive for compatibility with their solutions.

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