SCC use Microsoft Surface Hubs

At SCC, we provide IT solutions to some of the biggest organisations across both the public and private sectors. We provide the technology that enables people to do business.

What we do needs to be underpinned by the best technology. Technology which supports and encourages innovation and boosts business efficiencies.

We use the Microsoft Surface Hub across our business. It’s perfect for video conferencing in particular. As an international business, we often have to collaborate with colleagues around the world and with clients, who could be based anywhere. Surface Hub lets us communicate with them in real time, as if they were in the room.

With screen sharing, we can make live annotations along with the flow of the meeting, with the ability to instantly share notes with everyone attending.

The Surface Hub allows us to be flexible. It connects with most devices through Skype for Business, so we can all join the meeting from our laptops, tablets, or even our phones.

We often recommend Surface Hub to our customers, many of whom now use it to complement their own visual communication strategies.

Using Surface Hub has improved communication and collaboration within our business. It’s the perfect meeting tool for any company where staff are expected to collaborate across multiple sites, or with external clients.

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