SCC Desktop as a Service (DaaS) – Cloud Hosted Desktops

Increase productivity, reduce IT costs and securely mobilise your workforce with SCC’s virtual desktop solution.

SCC Desktop as a Service (DaaS) enables you to securely access your desktop, applications and data from any location, on any device through an internet connection. Hosted on SCC’s multi-tenant, secure and highly resilient Cloud platform, DaaS enhances your user experience with rapid user provisioning and flexible device access.

Greater Responsiveness & Agility for your Organisation

  • Benefit from direct connectivity to back-end application infrastructure reducing latency and improving application response time
  • Access your desktop from multiple devices including desktop clients, thin clients, tablets and mobile devices

Eliminate Costly Desktop Refreshes

  • Benefit from predictable OpEx foresight
  • Flexible deployment options to satisfy a range of user types, including task, office based, and mobile employees
  • Removes the need for expensive PC’s by using cost effective, eco-friendly, thin client hardware

Free-up Your IT Resources & Improve Productivity

  • SCC manages, maintains and updates your desktops
  • High levels of security, compliance and availability
  • Monthly patching of operating system images
  • Improve your deployment of new applications
  • Access from any location with an internet connection


Managing Your Desktop

    • SCC provides a fully managed service, including the operations and delivery of the infrastructure
    • Multi-device access including:
    • Desktop clients
    • Thin clients
    • Tablets
    • Mobile devices
    • Monitoring of availability and performance
    • Monthly Capacity and availability reporting
    • 24/7/365 service desk and technical support
    • 99.9% availability
    • Microsoft Windows Server Operating System (Desktop Operating Systems available as additional option)
    • Choice of Shared Desktop or Dedicated Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
    • Scheduled maintenance – monthly patching of operating system images
    • Compatible with client devices, and has client software available for Windows, Mac OS, Apple iOS and Android


    Associated Services

    The following SCC services can be provided to accompany the Cloud+ Desktop service. Please contact SCC for further details.
    Cloud+ Servers – Multi-tenant and dedicated private cloud and utility compute services
    Universal Cloud Services – Cloud analysis, analytics and multi-cloud provisioning and management
    Managed WAN – WAN services providing secure high bandwidth connectivity to SCC datacentres and cloud platforms
    Sentinel by SCC – Highly secure accredited Cloud services for Government and the Public Sector


    Offering Choice and Flexibility

    SCC DaaS is available in a number of flexible deployment options with various specifications to accommodate different user profiles and workloads
    Shared Desktops – Shared Desktops utilise shared Images that present a standardised desktop experience to multiple users. This offers the lowest price point for large volumes of users such as service desk staff and remote workers
    Virtual Desktops – Virtual Desktops offer a dedicated desktop experience for users with more complex application requirements, or those that run applications that require dedicated compute resources
    GPU-Accelerated Virtual Desktops – Our GPU-Accelerated option enhances virtual desktops with hardware-accelerated graphical processing for users with specific requirements for graphically intensive or high resolution environments, such as Google Earth, ArcGIS and AutoCAD


    Enhanced DaaS Options

    Dual Site Option

    Where increased availability is required SCC offers a dual-site option where services are replicated and failed over to a second datacentre in the event of a loss of the primary datacentre.

    Customised Managed Images

    Customers can benefit from having one or more customised operating system images with applications tailored for specific user groups. Each image is managed by SCC operations team and patched monthly to minimise operating system bugs and ensure security compliance.

    Licensing Options

    The standard SCC Desktop-as-a-Service includes a licensed Microsoft Windows Server operating system. The following additional licenses can be provided on a subscription model (or may alternatively be provided by the customer), giving greater flexibility than purchasing licences:

    • Microsoft Remote Desktop Services CAL
    • Microsoft Windows Desktop OS (Virtual Desktops only)
    • Microsoft Office Standard, Professional or Pro Plus


    Why SCC

    We enable people to do business by planning, supplying, integrating and managing their IT. We make IT work through partnership, knowledge and passion: trusted to run IT infrastructure and services for leading business across Europe for 40 years. SCC has invested more than £60m in Data Centre & Cloud services, the principal piece of our end-to-end Managed Services proposition.

    Our cloud Credentials:

    • 2,00 Tier 3, high capacity racks
    • Networked presence in 18 Data Centres nationally
    • 20Mw of power to SCC owned DCs
    • Cloud based virtual servers growth 120%
    • Cloud based Storage growth 160%


    Next Steps

    For more information about SCC’s Cloud Services email: [email protected]

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