SCC Cyber Security Service – Why IBM QRadar?

Many IT security teams spend much of their time focused on preventing a security breach. As a result, they implement a “reactive” rather than a “proactive” response where technology and processes require continuous monitoring and remediation.

Your Customers Challenges
• Are you concerned about the increase in security breaches?
• Are you worried about your data being breached?
• How protected is your infrastructure from internal and external threats?
• Are your user access rights secure?
• Are your users building the right security cultures in your organisation?
• Are you aware that the latest computer firmware and software often lack sufficient security and trustability to satisfy security requirements?
• Do you know that threats will exploit any infrastructure or system vulnerabilities that are at the core of your operations?

Our Solutions
• Security Consulting – Be aware of the security gaps across your organisation that include people, processes and technologies. It is essential
to identify and address areas where your security could be compromised now and in the future.

• Security Solutions – Developing appropriate safeguards to limit or contain the impact of a breach, through enhancing existing security practices or
deploying new solutions to help secure your business from insider threats and external attacks.

• Managed Security – Organisations need to detect and triage breaches before they can cause any damage. The monitoring of networks and systems is a constant fight against cyber-crime and insider threats.

Why IBM QRadar?
IBM® QRadar® SIEM can serve as the anchor solution within a small, medium or large organisation’s security operations center to collect, normalise and correlate network data using years’ worth of contextual insights. It also integrates with hundreds of IBM and non-IBM products and provides complete, unified visibility to security events in on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments.

For more information, download your copy of the IBM Qradar Datasheet HERE

To learn more about how IBM QRadar SIEM can solve your organisation’s threat management and compliance challenges, contact Kat Hill, Cyber Security Sales Lead on [email protected] or visit the website HERE.

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