SCC Assure.. because your network is our business.

2kzivfpxA healthy network contains much less risk. That means ensuring all of your mission-critical equipment is covered, supported and not obsolete. But it can be challenging to identify, tackle and anticipate points of weakness in an increasingly complex network environment.

Typically, business networks contain some equipment which is uncovered, unsupported or obsolete. In many cases this can be 25-30% by our estimates.

At any time any of this kit can fail, damaging or stopping mission critical business processes and potentially exposing the business to wider threat. If it does so it will be expensive and take time to fix.

SCC Assure meets that challenge using state of the art automation with Cisco’s Smart Collector to perform the tasks of network discovery, data collection, and secure data upload. This information is checked against Cisco’s database and reports provide us with an audit of:

  • What is covered
  • What is obsolete
  • Broader analysis of trends, areas of potential weakness and areas to strengthen


The SCC Assure will report on the findings to enable informed discussions to highlight and remediate issues flagged as well as assist in developing a business case to secure budget and board level backing to replace any EOL equipment.

The service doesn’t stop there; SCC Assure conducts ongoing assessments and reporting at pre-agreed intervals to support your businesses changing environment and needs.

Please contact the Cisco specialist team at SCC on [email protected] and we’ll help provide further details and book a network discovery.

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