SCC and iiyama: Touchscreen technology supporting a new way of working


Now more than ever, the ability for people to work from home with the best-in-class user experience is critical. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working is already creating entire new organisational structures and even new business models. Technology enables this new of working.

Working closely with vendor partners like iiyama, SCC ensures User Experience (UX) is at the centre of everything we deliver. We ensure our customers are secure, productive, connected, maintained, and managed, enabling seamless collaboration and office mobility (any device, anywhere, anytime).

iiyama is no stranger to homeworking, with its nearest office in Hoofddorp, in the Netherlands. But homeworking in itself presents challenges around productivity. A significant solution to the challenge of maintaining high productivity in a home office environment is to create the perfect set up, including the latest touch screen and collaboration technology, to replicate the office environment.

By adopting remote working patterns and maintaining high levels of productivity, organisations can consider permanent changes to remote working policies as we continue the recovery from COVID-19. This includes the opportunity to relocate away from expensive, congested city centre locations, cutting out extortionate rents for prime office space. It also gives employees a better work-life balance and – importantly – ensures modern organisations adopt mature social and environmental responsibilities.

Using an iiyama DS1002C-B1 Dual Arm, an XUB2492HSU-B1 24” IPS Monitor and a T2435MSC-B2 24” Touch Screen, you can optimise the video conference experience, with the ability to flip through slides, annotate over presentations and add more interactivity and vibrancy to presentations. For everyday work, being able to quickly zoom into Excel documents and slide through work with ease boosts productivity at home.

With more people working from home, it’s just as important for workers to work in a safe and healthy way. iiyama have always offered height adjustable displays to support workplace ergonomics. More recently launching a range of Dual and Triple display monitor arms to not only support posture but economise desk space and improve efficiency.

iiyama offers a range of solutions that really benefit the modern workplace, all backed up with a superb UK warranty. Whether you need to work with iiyama and SCC for your meeting room spaces with a 75” All in One touch screen, or to support better working conditions with the use of good display solutions, SCC and iiyama can help you optimise productivity and increase communication and collaboration between internal and external talent through fast-paced innovation around emerging technologies.


For more information on the iiyama range of products:

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