SCC and IBM Storage Cyber Resiliency Assessment

IBM recognises many businesses need immediate support where cyber resiliency is concerned.

Referencing the National Institute of Science and Technology Cyber Resiliency Framework, the Cyber Resiliency Assessment aims to evaluate the client’s current state and identify critical gaps. IBM’s dedicated team then provides a detailed assessment report and a customised roadmap of improvements to strengthen a business’ cyber resiliency moving forward.

The Storage Cyber Resiliency Assessment provides a bridge mechanism to assess client’s current state and identify gaps against best practice requirements based on the NIST CSF.

Workshop includes: 
• Two-hour virtual consulting workshop with IBM Storage & Resiliency POV
• Assessment probes over 100 different vital controls across 23 key categories from a Cyber Resilience standpoint
• Delivered using technology / vendor neutral framework

Client Outcomes:
• Identification of blind-spots and recommended areas for improvement
• Discovery of the utilization of various existing solutions, integrations and overlaps that can be fine-tuned
• Customized Cyber Resilience strategy fitting the client’s vision & mission

• Detailed assessment report
• Management presentation
• Roadmap of recommended improvements & considerations


Click HERE to download this SCC and IBM Cyber Resiliency pdf and Roadmap for more information


For more information, please contact Sarah Hilton at [email protected]


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