SCC and IBM: Modernsing the Data and AI Platform

IBM Cloud Paks for Data

In today’s data and AI landscape, we have addressed compute capacities, maturity of point tools, availability of data sources, and automated AI functionality. What used to be limiting factors are now adding unnecessary complexity and stifling the ability to achieve modern outcomes with speed and agility. Instead of how individual tools advance, business today requires emphasis on how capabilities evolve together.

Data and AI space is primed to reinvent itself with a holistic platform approach. Opportunities for cost reduction, tools consolidation and streamlining processes are immense.

Business outcomes and priorities have not changed. It is challenges in delivering those outcomes faster and more accurately which forces reinvention. With our Ladder to AI strategy, a connected data development
lifecycle approach, IBM has reinvented how organizations will achieve faster and more targeted value from their data. Cloud Pak for Data is the data and AI platform that delivers all of the capabilities you need to attack any data challenge.

Cloud Pak for Data automates the Ladder to AI. It drives a modern enterprise strategy by providing the connective fabric throughout the end-to-end data lifecycle for every tool and persona in the process. By incorporating 50+ IBM services, connecting to an even greater partner ecosystem of capabilities and leveraging an any cloud environment model, it delivers a seamless user experience where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Click HERE to download a copy of the SCC and IBM: Modernising the Data and AI Platform Datasheet

Why SCC and IBM?

SCC has partnered with IBM for almost 40 years; SCC bridges the gap between business needs and technology to deliver world-class solutions. We know IBM inside out, from its technology to its people and vision, and whatever we do together delivers the strongest, most agile solution.  Maturity in the market means SCC is regularly building complex offerings and programs. With a specialist dedicated IBM team, we are able to offer that extra support needed when helping our customers plan, integrate and manage their projects.

Call and engage with SCC now to modernise your data and AI platform.

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