SCC and IBM: Delivering value in the new normal

The sudden transition to a brave new business world may not have happened in the way it was supposed to – but the new normal is here and the ability for IT leaders to keep delivering the best value is more challenged than ever. SCC and IBM are helping organisations to identify the business outcomes most important to them and maximise resilience in the post-COVID-19 era.

Forming a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure strategy

The resilience of your business services has never been more in focus. At the same time, the pre-existing requirements for increased agility, accelerated innovation, and better insights to better serve the market have not gone away.

We can help you understand how a Hybrid Cloud strategy built on Open-Source and Open Standards can help you address all these needs.

Data and the ‘Journey to AI’

Deriving insight from data is at the core of digital transformation. Whether utilising AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, or good old ‘analytics’, your success in gaining these insights is dependent on a common factor: data. Or, rather, it’s dependent on good, clean, accessible, secure, relevant, up-to-date, well-described, and comprehensive data.

Partner with SCC and IBM to accelerate your journey to AI and understand the importance of a strong information architecture.

Cloud Integration issues in a safe and secure Hybrid Cloud ecosystem

Change is ever-present in the world of business and IT. To successfully, and securely, deliver business services in a constantly changing multi-cloud world, requires the modernisation of integration approaches, architectures, and technologies.

We are able to articulate how the field of integration is evolving rapidly to address these requirements.

Click HERE to download the SCC and IBM Cloud Integration Datasheet

Multi-cloud Management Solutions

Not all business leaders are interested in technology choices, tooling capabilities, or even delivery processes. If the business services are running, all is well. But what if they’re not running, or not running well? What if they’re not as secure as you thought? Are you sure you’re always compliant with regulatory requirements?

SCC and IBM work in partnership with customers to avoid outages, threats, and regulatory fines in the complex and fast-moving multi-cloud world.

SCC and IBM recently held a series of webinars relating to the IT challenges that you face in delivering best value in the emerging new normal business world.

Click HERE to listen to these webinar recordings

Why SCC and IBM?

SCC has partnered with IBM for almost 40 years, bridging the gap between business needs and technology to deliver world-class solutions. From IBM’s technology to its people and vision, we work with our customers to deliver the strongest, most agile solutions. With a specialist dedicated IBM team, we are able to offer that extra support needed when helping our customers plan, integrate and manage their projects.

For more information, please contact Steve Mecklenburgh, IBM Software Manager at [email protected]

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